Assyrian Catholics

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    For most of us our journey began in the Christian villages and towns of Iraq and Iran, where we courageously fought to keep our Christian faith, despite the religious and ethnic persecution and discrimination under Islamic regimes. However, today in a country where people are religiously and ethnically free, our faith and ethnicity have been challenged by a Chaldean bishop. Bishop Sarhad Jammo has focused his entire episcopal power in creating a Chaldean political entity, instead of focusing solely on the ministry of Christ. Under the message of “love and unity” he continuously invests his authorities and resources within the church to deny and demote the Assyrian identity, and instead promote and impose his own nationalistic ideas upon the parishioners in his diocese <click here to read more>. His divisive political actions inside the church left us no choice but to leave St. Peter’s Diocese for Chaldeans and join the Catholic Diocese of San Jose in order to preserve and grow our faith while protecting our identity. As a result we are now the Assyrian Catholics of St. Frances Cabrini of San Jose, California.

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